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Fire Maintenance from Avisec

Is your fire alarm in working order? Is it maintained and operated to regulatory standards?

A failed fire alarm puts both people and property in serious danger. As a responsible person you have a legal duty, are you covered?

Fire Alarm Maintenance

A poorly maintained or incorrectly installed fire alarm will not provide your building with the security that it needs to be safe.

Fire alarm maintenance – keeping you, your staff and building safe from fire.

Making sure equipment is working and communicating with the Fire Alert System and the Fire Alarm monitoring station is active and always receiving communications 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fire can have a devastating impact on any business which is why it is vitally important for a fire alarm to have regular maintenance to ensure your building has enough measures in place to stop the threat of fire and providing a quick response for the evacuation procedure.

Avisec maintain fire alarms and other systems for a wide range of customer from small shops to Multinational clients, we provide a dedicated maintenance contract in London and surrounding areas.

Our team of engineers visit customers sites several times a year to carryout testing maintenance and upgrades when required. We also undertake any work on the alarm should there be any problems. This will give you the peace of mind that your alarm is keeping you safe from the threat of fire 24/7.

After the regulatory reform act of 2005 was published, it states that as the premises owner or indeed manager, you’re responsible in ensuring that your building is meeting the legal requirement in fire safety/protection.

New Regulations come into effect January 2023 part of which has great legal impact for a responsible person failing compliance.

One of our support engineers is never far away

All Fire Systems require maintenance, we cover the whole of London which means we’re never that far away and ready to help you.


It's up to you to ensure all aspects of your building are safe from fire


You’re responsible for ensuring that your building is meeting the legal requirement in fire safety/protection. This will include fire alarms, fire risk assessments and a host of other aspects of Fire Safety.

It is up to you as the ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure your fire alarms are working all year round as you are liable for the consequences. Our North London based team will ensure that this aspect is taken care for you by ensuring your fire alarm is working all year round and ensuring you’re not liable for the consequences.

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