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Intruder Alarm Systems

Ensure your world is protected with the latest in Alarm technology.

“Ensure your world is protected”

Theft and home invasion by criminal intruders cause devastating psychological effects for the victims and cost UK Homeowners millions every year. One simple way to reduce the chances of your property becoming victim to these criminals is to work with professionals to install an intruder alarm within your property.

“Intruder alarm systems provide peace of mind protection and act as a fantastic deterrent to premeditated and opportunist criminals.

If an activation occurs, you can choose what happens.

Avisec offer a wide range of alarms including monitored – as well as innovative smartphone app control.

  • High Quality Home Alarms
  • Technology from trusted brands
  • Wireless home alarms
  • Smartphone notifications and control
  • Installed by friendly expert engineers

Ensure your world is protected with the very best, class-leading security systems from a Professional & friendly Security company

  • 30 years of specialist security experience
  • Friendly, trusted engineers and no fuss install promise
  • Price guarantee, guaranteed service
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The impact and cost of a burglary may surprise you.

You may initially feel shock, anger and fear, as well as helplessness, guilt and panic. These feelings may turn to grief, sadness, despair, mistrust and vulnerability. In time, you may develop more serious emotional problems such as  depression, anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder  and sleeping difficulties.

Did you know that 80% of all burglaries occur in properties without an alarm?

Don’t Take the Risk, Be Ready. Be Secure!

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Equipment from leading Alarm manufacturers

Should I get an Alarm, Which Alarm do I need?

Let us guide you to choosing the right Alarm that is fits your requirements and your budget without compromising features.

Avisec’s all-inclusive smart burglar alarm package everything you need for full coverage in line with UK standards.

Smartphone connect wireless alarm systems are the perfect choice for those looking for an up-to date user-friendly alarm system that provides full coverage and control. Our alarm package guarantee gives our customers total peace of mind at a competitive price.

Pack Features +

Our entry level package comes all-inclusive with the key components designed to give you an outstanding level of security in key areas of your home.

  • Avisec Bell box with LED light flasher
  • Internal control panel with keypad and internal siren
  • 1x Wireless door contact
  • 2x PIR motion sensors
  • Remote key fob
  • Smart Service APP
  • Professional installation

Perfect for homes and families of all sizes, simply “add optional extras” to this base package to extend your coverage for larger properties.

Optional Package Extra’s +
  • PIR motion sensors
  • Door & Window contact sensors
  • Remote key fobs

Control your alarm home or away with a smartphone App

Arm, disarm and manage your devices swiftly and efficiently.

Join thousands of homeowners across London and surrounding areas taking advantage of the latest home alarm technology.

Be Safe. Be Secure with Avisec

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What is an intrusion system? +

An intrusion system is designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building, used in residential and commercial buildings for protection against theft or property damage.

Why are intrusion systems important? +

When a break-in occurs, it has a significant impact on both your employees and your business. An intruder alarm system helps alert you to any crime, while simultaneously deterring potential intruders.

How does an intrusion system work when the alarm is triggered? +

Intruder alarms work differently, depending on which system you install:

Bells-only alarms – ring/alert if a motion sensor is triggered,​
Dialer alarms – automatically calls you when the alarm is triggered​
Smart alarms – will send notification to your smartphone when the alarm is triggered​
Monitored alarm systems – a monitoring center can act or if the alarm goes off

Can my intrusion system be wireless? +

Yes, your system can either be wireless, incorporating WiFi or Bluetooth communication and relying on a smart wireless signal. Or, it can use physical wiring that runs throughout your business to relay information back to the central control panel.

Where do we work?

Avisec carryout Alarm installs, Alarm takeovers and provide vital Maintenance & Support services across the whole of London and surrounding areas.

We’re not limited to just these areas and happy to work further afield.

Talk to us today, our friendly no obligation sales approach offers FREE advice, quotes and survey to make sure you have 100% peace of mind when choosing the right supplier.

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